ABC House, the Library, Olympia Experimantal Music, PRIDE

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Thursday evening Lois Maffeo and I made a presentation at the Timberland Regional Library Olympia branch about underground music in downtown Olympia during the ‘80s and the International Pop Underground Convention. It was fun to be in the library after hours and a pleasant surprise to have so many attentive folks showed up to hear our ramblings.

Friday night Mike Dixon of People in a Position to Know Records invited me to play a show he organized at the ABC House on Olympia’s westside. Also participating were Southerly, Portland, Oregon’s masterful and cogent observer of all things wry, Poison Control Center, the Iowa band who rock it all over the place including upside down, and Nightfox, Olympia’s dance-active hip-hop motion detecting device. People were boggled.

All of last weekend the Olympia Experimental Music Festival was ver happening at Northern, and Saturday was the day to witness some strange sounding low-level hums. Megabats hung loose; the Dead Air Fresheners were masked and unbowed except for the lady in the heavy eye make-up, who told a story profound. The collaboration between Night Jar and Violet brought the evening to a thoughtful, flush close.

Sunday afternoon was of course the PRIDE Parade from the Washington State Capitol building to Sylvester Park. I was marching along with a contingent of folks accompanying our next Olympia mayor: the diabolikal Stephen Buxbaum. People were doing flips.

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