Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

I had never heard of Treepeople until a week ago when one of my friends told me that I needed to listen to this band. A few days later I browsed the K Records music archives and found the Treepeople album, Guilt Regret Embarrassment. When I played the first track off the album, “No Doubt”, I could immediately recognize that Treepeople have an aggressive sound that makes me want to hear more. Heavily distorted guitars, and hard-hitting drums dominate the mood of this album. The third track, “Gre”, shows off the fast-punk style that Treepeople are skilled at playing. Also included on the album is a rockin’ version of David Bowie’s “Andy Warhol.” Guilt Regret Embarassment was originally released on the Toxic Shock label, then re-issued on K in 1990 (KLP069). This is a classic K release that features Doug Martsch (vocal/guitar) and Wayne Flower (drums) of the Halo Benders. If you are are fan of Built to Spill and the Halo Benders, you will like to hear this album from early on in the musical paths of Martsch and Flower. Check it out to hear some classic K punk!

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