2011 K Holiday Party!

Monday, March 19th, 2012

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Things have been so busy this year at K, and even though I’m the one who usually takes the majority of the photos around here, I’m also the one that’s the slowest about actually doing something with those photos.  Sorry about that, folks!  Luckily, I’m pretty sure everyone knows this already, and if I’m not constantly bugged about it, it could be a year before personal photos find themselves anywhere other than hiding in a folder on my external hard drive.  In this case, I’m only three months late!

Our final potluck of the year was our annual holiday K potluck.  Chain & The Gang were in town recording that week, so there were quite a few friends in town visiting to make it extra exciting and special!  There were tons of vegan treats and healthy food dishes, as well as our first ever (since I’ve been here for the past three Christmases) Secret Santa!  Some of the things that we exchanged were tea, headbands, chocolate, personalized business cards, children’s books, a pretty kitty painting, and a brand new camera for Calvin!  Our first Secret Santa was a hit!  Just look at how happy Katy and Danielle were about it:

Michael Elvin waiting for the excitement to begin . . . Brett and Fiona!Joel & Danielle!We all love Arrington!Ben, Bob, and Mariella hi-fiving and showing off the new K mittens!Secret Santa gifts!We’re already ready for next year!  Hope that your holidays were great as well!!

Sarah (and everyone else at K!)

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