Skrill Meadow Dance Party on TCTV!

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

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Skrill Meadow on TCTV Feb '14
Coming up this Friday evening (February 7, 2104) is a DJ dance party broadcast live on Thurston County public access television, TCTV (channel 22). Mark Morrison of Skrill Meadow will be spinning dance jams and performing a Skrill Meadow-ette set on the infamous Dance Oly Dance show at 6:00 PM. Dress up, come down, get excited and dance it up with assorted weird-outs on the TCTV studio dance floor: 440 Yauger Way Suite C, Olympia (98502). There will be children present, so no cuss words.

The new Skrill Meadow cassette¬† Private Memories (Brown Interior) is available now from the K Mail Order Dept. ¬† It’s dance-tastic. To learn more about Skrill Meadow and Private Memories, view this Skrill Infomercial on the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard.

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