Helsing Junction Sleepover – Alexander’s Real Time Band, Camp Wisdom

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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As we’re getting excited about the upcoming Helsing Junction Sleepover (August 15-17, get ready, get set, to go!! – three days of music, films, dancing, food, swimming, camping, all that) we’re profiling some of the bands that are playing here on the K weblog.  This week we highlight Alexander’s Real Time Band and Camp Widsom.

Alan Alexander 2

Alexander’s Real Time Band is lead by Alan Alexander, known by some as the singer and producer of Dub Squad. Alexander’s Real Time Band they have played every Sleepover since the beginning.  Not the same lineup,  but the jams have been consistent.  A blurb from their website ” What do we sound like? ‘Organic Soul’…’Free Range’… ‘Curtis Mayfield meets Keb Mo at the Oregon Country Fair’…” What the wtf?  Could be atomic.


Camp Wisdom have described themselves as a folk’n'roll band. Flock yeah.
Camp Wisdom 2 It’s the folk’n'roll found in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, c. 1966. Bang that tambourine. Put on your dancing uggs and sing along. Olympia Westside sounds of get down. Party serious and start all over again.

Camp Wisdom 1You can hear Camp Wisdom HERE.


  • Roblyn Crawford

    Who the hell wrote that crap review of Camp Wisdom? You just don’t get it do you?

    • Calvin Johnson

      Apparently not!
      Fortunately I’ll have an opportunity to be enlightened when I see Camp Wisdom perform at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over.

      • Roblyn Crawford

        Camp Wisdom isn’t stuck in 1966, or San Francisco. Nor do they wear Uggs.
        Rather, they are timeless and distinctly Cascadian. Singer-songwriter Stephen Smith writes folk songs timeless as the blackberry brambles, or the wolves at night. Standing strong, they are the tallest of trees; whispering, the creek bed. Powerful women; hard work; strong wine; confusing stones, and a snare beat that is impossible to resist. Full of unpretentious enthusiasm and charisma, these full grown puppies are relentless purveyors of well developed, nuanced material gorgeously executed.

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