Helsing Junction Sleep Over: Transfix, Hinges!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

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The Helsing Junction Sleep Over is coming up August 15-17 at the Helsing Junction Organic Farm near Rochester, Washington. It’s three days of music, films, camping, swimming, food, dancing – everything you want from a summer packed into one weekend. As you see creative expression at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over takes many forms, but mostly it is music, local (Northwest!) music. Here is a brief profile of two artists performing at this year’s Helsing Junction Sleep Over.


This Olympia band have the above pictured Transfix album on the Dutch Tilt label. Music caught between goth and a hard place. Transfix is what Olympia feels like living under a rock with nowhere to do your laundry. My bike has a flat tire no matter how many times I pump it up. My lips are never that red but my tears run in colors on beyond the rainbow. Don’t hate me because I’m glamorous, just watch this Transfix video:



The Hinges

Hinges under tree

The Hinges contain pilgrims from Olympia’s underground cultural crusades past and present. Danny Kelly has always made Olympia music, even when he lived in New York City. Karen Hancock also performs as the revered Knot Pine Box, who have appeared several times at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over. We’re excited to have the Hinges re-join the Helsing Junction Sleep Over fold after a two year absence. Listen to the music of the Hinges HERE.




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