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Noxious Fumes 7″ (Perennial)

In the mid-80s the underground scene in Olympia and Tacoma, WA was vibrant and wild. The Tropicana (Olympia) and Community World Theater (Tacoma) were the centers of the action; artists Girl Trouble, Young Pioneers, Melvins, Beat Happening, Wimps, U-Men, rocked it hardcore. None of them though were as HARD CORE as Tacoma’s Noxious Fumes who […]

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K New: October 14, 2015

*|MC:SUBJECT|*   K NEWS: TransFX album release & playlist, K Watch Caps, Halloween buttons, NUTS!  TRANS FX - INTO THE BLU Into the Blu [KLP259/PRNL025] by TRANS FX is out this Friday (October 16, 2015)! In honor of the LP’s debut, band member C. McDonnell curates a playlist you can listen to HERE on K’s Spotify page.    NEW! K WATCH CAPS Our 100% wool K Watch Caps are […]

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