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Howardian goddess cover for Weblog

Howardian, A Goddess in Yer way EP

The new Howardian EP A Goddess in Yer way is available now through WTFTW . Howardian is the long-time band organized by Ian Vanek (Japanther) that keeps on doin’ it, baby. Above you can stream “Sunshine”. Give it a spin.    

Clown dunk tank 1

The K booth at Burning Man, blowing up!

The K booth at Burning Man 2015 is our most ambitious and successful yet! In above photog, Calvin Johnson takes his turn in the K dunk tank, a fund raiser for crippled and burned children. Standing by are Ashley Eriksson, Jamie Barrier (Pine Hill Haints) and Jeremy Jay (pictured) to lend a hand. Mirah is […]

Trans FX Obsidian Aug 21, 2015

Trans FX play Olympia this weekend!

An Olympia treat! Trans FX, about to release their new album Into the Blu [KLP259], will play an all ages show Friday evening at Obsidian, 414 4th Ave. E, Downtown Olympia.  Also playing are LAKES from Australia (not to be confused with the Olympia combo LAKE) and Montaña de Oro (from Olympia!). The show starts at […]

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