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Luvva J!

All Your Friend’s Friends: Luvva J Kitchen Freestyle

Luvva J making an appearance at the K office in Olympia, Washington, Oct. 2014.  An Olympia hip hop icon, Luvva J is an artist, activist and has a radio show on community station KAOS-FM, Live from I-5. More information about Luvva J can be gleaned from the ver informative Oly Icons: Luvva J. Luvva J […]

Wildcard Odyssey thumb

Wildcard “The Odyssey”

Life story time with Wildcard, “The Odyssey”. Speed and agility. Wildcard, who resides in Spokane, Washington, appeared at the All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] album release parties in Seattle and Olympia. All Your Friend’s Friends is a NW hip hop compilation produced by thee XNTRX. Wildcard appears on “Find Your Shine” (based on a Jeremy […]

SUB-POP-USA front cover for Weblog

Sub Pop U.S.A. – Saturday Night in Seattle!

There’s gonna be a party, and you are all invited! In a couple months Subterranean Pop turns 35 years old, and we’re celebrating this Saturday night, November 29, at the Fantagraphics Bookstore, 1201 S. Vale St., Seattle. In 1980 Bruce Pavitt began printing up a fanzine in Olympia, Washington called Subterranean Pop that explored the […]

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