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Goldini Bagwell live, smiling

Thee XNTRX “We Never Look up”

Quite a number of All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] alum, including the three Thee XNTRX MCs who appear on “We Never Look up”, IAME, Goldini (pictured above), and Miz will be in Olympia Friday April 29 performing as part of the Onry Ozzborne‘s Duo tour. For a list of other Duo tour dates go HERE. […]

theshivas04_72dpi for Weblog

Shivas “Used to Being Cool”

  If the Shivas aren’t used to being cool, they better adapt quickly. The world won’t be changing its mind any time soon.   K Song of the Day: Shivas “Used to Being Cool” from their album You Know What to Do [KLP252]. The Shivas album You Know What to Do [KLP252] is available now […]

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Thee XNTRX “Jumpkick the Legs”

How could it be “Jumpkick the Legs” has not yet been “K Song of the Day”? Jeepers. It’s the bestest. It features a sweet Make-Up drum-guitar-and-squeal break and the largest cast of Thee XNTRX characters of any song on the All Your Friends Friends [KLP255] compilation: Xperience, Zikki Carr, Jesus Chris, Candidt, Free Whiskey, Hash […]

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