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Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 025

The All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] compilation continues to captivate the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard inhabitants with its sprightly mix of NW hip hop, good cheer and judicious use of the ‘f’ word (eep!). Host Calvin Johnson speaks with Eprhyme, founder of thee XNTRX and executive producer of All Your Friend’s Friends about the album release […]

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K CD Grab Bag!

The K CD Grab Bag contains 25 different compact discs released by K between 1988 and 2012. It’s a mystery wrapped in a cardboard enigma! You don’t know what you’re getting. Neither do we. But we guarantee an album by these artists are included in every box: Calvin Johnson,¬†All Girl Summer Fun Band, Jeremy Jay, […]

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Ang P, MG! The Visionary, Afrok, Puget “Work Is the Principle”

“Work Is the Principle” is the third video from the All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] Northwest hip hop compilation. It features Thee XNTRX MCs Ang P, MG! The Visionary, Afrok and Puget. Shot around downtown Olympia by Red Williamson of Newspin Films. View the other All Your Friend’s Friends videos: “Jumpkick the Legs” and Heddie […]

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