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Republicans Proving Their Dumb-Assity (yet again)!

The above video compiling Republican after Republican making fools of themselves over the issue of climate change was posted by Republic Report, a website dedicated to investigating how money corrupts democracy. Their commentary: “We took a look at the ways in which leading politicians answered simple questions about climate change during the midterms this year […]

Shivas Crocodile thumb 1

The Shivas “Make Surf Rock Creepy as Hell”

The new Shivas album You Know What to Do [KLP252] hit the streets earlier this week (Yay!). A new video for “Do the Crocodile” / “You Know What to Do”  debuted this morning on the Noisey website. You can view this epic new photoplay HERE. Says Noisey, “There are certain things that are inherently creepy… […]

Ruby Fray KVRX Carry thumb

Ruby Fray “Carry Me Down” on KVRX-FM

Ruby Fray performing live on KVRX-FM, Austin, TX. “Carry Me Down” is included on the Ruby Fray album Grackle [KLP251], available now from the K Mail Order Dept.  

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