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MX60a knobs


Hey hey hey hey, listen up y’all. Last January Dub Narcotic Studio sponsored a Youtube video contest: folks submitted videos of their music for a chance to win a free day of recording in the studio. We just had so much dang fun we are going to do it again. So here it is: THE FREAKIN’ […]

Zach and Calvin on Pink Elephant's Graveyard for Weblog

Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 017

The Pink Elephant’s Graveyard is where we store all cultural documents uniquely K. This episode features Olympia barber and stand-up comedian Zach Mandeville, who stopped by the Dub Narcotic Studio days before moving to Brooklyn, N.Y. Hosts Calvin Johnson and Ian Vanek grilled him relentlessly about his chosen craft(s). Zach also plays some of his favorite […]

Lowest Pair in sun

Kendl and the Lowest Pair on LP!

Kendl Winter has been gallivanting all over the country with her latest banjo-tastic duo the Lowest Pair, which also features the versatile Palmer T. Lee on voice, banjo, guitar and suave, Midwestern style. Their debut album 36¢ (Team Love) is now available as a vinyl phonograph record, and the K Mail Order Dept. has a stack […]

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