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Shivas Crocodile thumb 1

The Shivas “Make Surf Rock Creepy as Hell”

The new Shivas album You Know What to Do [KLP252] hit the streets earlier this week (Yay!). A new video for “Do the Crocodile” / “You Know What to Do”  debuted this morning on the Noisey website. You can view this epic new photoplay HERE. Says Noisey, “There are certain things that are inherently creepy… […]

Ruby Fray KVRX Carry thumb

Ruby Fray “Carry Me Down” on KVRX-FM

Ruby Fray performing live on KVRX-FM, Austin, TX. “Carry Me Down” is included on the Ruby Fray album Grackle [KLP251], available now from the K Mail Order Dept.  


Chris Stearns for Thurston County PUD No. 3!

The Thurston County Public Utility District currently owns and operates 158 water systems, approximately 3,500 connections, and manages over 800 connections for other public and private water systems. In a county of 262,388 people, 4300 water connections is providing service to a small percentage of our population. However, the importance of the Public Utility District […]

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