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Wool See Buddy thumb

Wool See (IAME) “Buddy Insole” at Accession Art Exhibit

“Buddy Insole” is the latest cascade of words from Wool See, aka IAME. It’s been 12 years since IAME teamed up with director & visual artist Spencer Keeton Cunningham to create the music video for one of his best known songs to date, “The Abyss.” Recently they reunited in Portland and collaborated once again on […]

CC Dust Upset 2 thumb

CC Dust Live at Upset the Rhythm

Live in London, England, June 2016, Olympia’s CC Dust wow the Brits with their ferocious contemplation, providing a preview of their CC Dust [KLP263] 12″ EP. This event was sponsored by the inimitable Upset the Rhythm record label.   The CC Dust 12″ EP CC Dust [KLP263] is available from the K Mail Order Dept. […]

Aries La Fuerza thumb

Aries “La Fuerza del Sonido”

The second video from the Aries album Adieu or Die [KLP262], “La Fuerza del Sonido” features abstract images to constructed sounds. It’s like, electronic flower power! View the Aries video for “Eclipse Total” HERE The Aries album Adieu or Die [KLP262] is available now from the K Mail Order Dept.

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