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Sub Pop U.S.A. – Saturday Night in Seattle!

There’s gonna be a party, and you are all invited! In a couple months Subterranean Pop turns 35 years old, and we’re celebrating this Saturday night, November 29, at the Fantagraphics Bookstore, 1201 S. Vale St., Seattle. In 1980 Bruce Pavitt began printing up a fanzine in Olympia, Washington called Subterranean Pop that explored the […]

Free Whiskey "White Girls" thumb

Free Whiskey “White Girls”

The infamous Olympia hip hop crew Free Whiskey and official video for “White Girls”, with guest appearance by Xperience. Both Free Whiskey and Xperience performed at All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] album release party. Free Whiskey‘s contribution to this NW hip hop compilation is “Pizza Chef”: All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] is available now from the […]

Xperience "60:40" thumb

Xperience “60/40″

The official video for “60/40″ by Xperience. His performance of this song was one of the highlights of the All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] album release party; 60/40 pumping hard. Xperience appears often on the  All Your Friend’s Friends NW hip hop  compilation: “Evolve Away”, “My Shady Gangster Uncle Kaiser”, “Ashen Embers” and “Jumkick the […]

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