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Aries “Visiones”

Barcelona has the grooviest scene as one can see from this Aries document  presented by La Castanya. Some call the music of Isabel Fernández Reviriego concise. Others say it is perfect. It is all that and more. “Visiones” is from the second Aries album Mermelada dorada.  

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Mirah “Radiomind”

A classic Mirah moment, some beauty, some aching, pure at heart. K Song of the Day: Mirah, “Radiomind” from her Changing Light [KLP253] album.   The Mirah album Changing Light [KLP253] is available now from the K mail Order Dept.  

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Stickers “Sacajawea”

Cannot get enough of Stickers. “Sacajawea” is on their recent Swollen (End of Time) album.    

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