Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Last week Generifus were in the Dub Narcotic Studio to finish a single they began last summer before heading across the country on tour. Here is Andrew Dorsett and Spencer Sult choosing exactly which tambourine is most appropriate for which song:

Madison and Fiona of Coasting were on the west coast to play some shows. They tried out the Randall Commander guitar amplifier at Dub Narcotic Studio and found it to their liking. In Olympia they played at Northern with Broken Water and Grass Widow. At the end of their jaunt up and down the coast they returned to Olympia and were generous enough to let me hitch a ride to Portland last Friday (Oct. 1). We stopped in Longview, Wash. to do some thrift store shopping. Madison found a lovely bag; both found gifts for the folks back in Brooklyn. Here they are at the Longview Public Library, checking out Amos Peters’ Nutty Narrows Bridge, a suspension bridge that allows squirrels to cross the street above traffic:

In Portland I played a show at the old Disjecta space on the Burnside Bridge with the Sandwitches, Burning Yellows,

Kelly Slusher and Orca Team. What a line up! All the artists kicked A. Brian from Disjecta set up an archery range, and folks who hit his portrait in the eye won drink tickets. Jeff from House of Preblon has some video of the show on their weblog.

But wait! Whatever happened to that Tender Forever album release party that doubled as a celebration of the K Singles Zip-Pak three month anniversary? Here is a poster for it on a telephone pole near the food carts on Mississippi St.:

And here are Mail Order Maven Joel Brazzel
and Ingaborg setting out to work the souvenir stand:

Selector Dub Narcotic (that’s me!) spun a mixture of dancehall, soul and crisp modern (instant) classics acquired in the past six months. Joey Casio had children doing gymnastics; Tender Forever tenderly raged. Good times!

Last night the Clean made an appearance at Holocene in Portland, Ore., so naturally Lois and I traveled to witness it first hand. Drummer for the Clean Hamish Kilgour moonlighted as his own opening band, accompanying a passel of Portland, Ore. weird-outs including our own beloved Tara Jane O’Neil. Here is Hamish at Plaid Pantry, attempting to avoid the POP!arazzi:

Meanwhile, back here at the Dub Narcotic Studio, AIDS Wolf have been laying down some heavy vibes for an upcoming mystery release on an unspecified label. Here are Chloe and Yannick draining the pasta for a pre-session snack:

People, enjoy life!

  • J. A. Brazzel

    >NUTTY NARROWS BRIDGE! hahaha! that Amos Peters is a genius!

    btw CDJ, you didn't tell me you saw THE CLEAN! I just can't tell you "you've got a lot of growing up to do" enough.

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