Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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The Hive Dwellers, in celebration of their new album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] played a show earlier this month at the Amocat Cafe in Tacoma, Washington. It brought out all the local celebs, like Brian Weber and Bon von Wheelie (pictured above).

Opening up the show were the Shivas from Vancouver, Washington. As two Shivas were detained by work schedules, they were temporarily replaced by local luminary Spencer Kelley (Wallpaper, Basemint, the Hive Dwellers, Chain & the Gang). Here is a shot of Spencer (former drummer with the Hive Dwellers) conferring with Evan Hashi (The Hive Dwellers drummer):Rock’n’Roll never knew what hit it.

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