Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

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Lowest Pair in sun for Weblog pink-elephant

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The artifacts for this episode of the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard are varied and diverse: Sub Pop U.S.A. underground sounds are unearthed; Kendl Wnter and the Lowest Pair share a banjo duet; host Calvin Johnson visits with All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] NW hip hop compilation producer Eprhyme and talk Olympia MC Luvva J; the Shivas show up, turn on, split for Europe.

Shivas KEXP Nov 2014 for WeblogYou know what to do.

All Your Luvva J still for WeblogLuvva J  at the K  place.


Sub_Pop_Reading_Frenzy_Poster_Web 753

Beakers get set, 1980

Beakers get set, 1980



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