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Thursday, October 20th, 2011

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Though PETS hail from the Tri-Cities, they are not Nucular Aminals! That’s a weak pun you won’t “get” if you don’t know Richland, Washington claims to be the birthplace of the atom bomb. In the Tri-Cities they spell and pronounce “nuclear” properly, they once (and possibly still, it’s a secret) make nuclear weapons, and there are many mutated antelope, coyote and bunny rabbits running around the desert.

PETS are a combo of fresh-faced desert dwellers who recently traveled to Olympia to play a show in the basement of the ABC House with Broken Water and French Quarter. Here is a new PETS video to accompany their catchy tune “Can We Share”:

Many a K artist has played in Kennewick, Washington by the good grace of various PETS folk, either at Kennewick Coffee or the late lamented 321 Arts Space, run by PETS guitarist (and “Can We Share” video director) Tim Leingang; Tim also operates the record label that releases PETS and other shiny Tri-Cities musics, Funkytonk. You can view more video imagery and hear other Tri-City sounds at their Multi-Media Library.

There are rumors of a new, groovier, space for shows and events in Kennewick, the Blue House. More information as this late-breaking story develops.

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  1. Shane H says:

    >I love Pets! Great video, please make more. 🙂

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