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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Here are three music videos to the songs featured on the Oh, Yes You Can! EP [IPU004]. This was the first Mecca Normal release on K, Volume IV in the International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records, in 1987. Mecca Normal went on to release several singles and albums with us, and their first album Mecca Normal, self-released on Smarten Up! (1986), was re-issued on K in the mid-90’s. These are not only the first videos made for a K release, it is the first (and only?) time an artist has made a video for each song on their record.

The first of these videos includes imagery from the Black Wedge Tour in the spring of 1986, which featured a gang of Canadian anarchist poets, musicians and saboteurs who traveled by bus across their country spreading the good word. They also toured down the west coast of the United States, making a stop in Olympia at G.E.S.C.C.O., thanks to Heather Conrad and Eric Gruenwald who met Mecca Normal in Vancouver, B.C. and invited them to town (Heather Conrad directed the video to “More, More, More”). Heather and Eric warned Calvin Johnson about Mecca Normal‘s existence and about the Black Wedge Tour. He was in attendance at the G.E.S.C.C.O. show and met Jean Smith. They exchanged debut albums (Mecca Normal for Beat Happening). He loved their album and invited Mecca Normal to participate in the new 7” 45 rpm series that was starting in January, 1987, entitled the International Pop UndergroundMecca Normal‘s entry was fourth after volumes featuring Beat HappeningGirl Trouble and the FewMecca Normal then joined Beat HappeningGirl Trouble and the Screaming Trees on the first stop of the “Small Town Tour” at the Vortex in Bellingham, Washington, January 23, 1987.

One response to “Mecca Normal Oh, Yes You Can! Videos”

  1. Jean Smith of Mecca Normal says:

    Just a couple of things. The Black Wedge Tour in Canada was in 1987, not 1986. We didn’t meet Heather and Eric in Vancouver and they didn’t invite us to Olympia. Olympia was a stop on the west coast Black Wedge Tour (1986) booked by D.O.A.’s manager. I think he knew Heather and Eric.

    I didn’t know that it was Heather and Eric’s “warning” that brought Calvin to the show! You can hear the entire set here:

    Live, June 1, 1986. Black Wedge Tour at G.E.S.S.C.O. Olympia, Washington,
    24 min.

    Who Told You So?
    Are You Hungry Joe?
    The Arrogant Man
    Smile Baby (sound person plays with delay)
    Women Were King
    Will He Change?
    Forget It
    Tolerate Me
    Beaten Down (sound person goes for big delay, abrupt end)

    No need to change anything on this page as long as this “footnote” is here. It’s interesting to hear variations on history.

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