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Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

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Mecca Democ Now 2 460wipu132 for weblog

Recently the public radio series Democracy Now! ran an episode on Malachi Ritscher and his act of self-immolation, an anti-war statement of protest which inspired the Mecca Normal song “Malachi”. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman conducted an in depth interview with Mecca Normal‘s Jean Smith and David Lester about Malachi Ritscher and about their work as an activist punk band. As part of the episode Mecca Normal perform “Malachi” and a new song, “Anguish/Misogyny” live on the show.

It’s exciting to see Mecca Normal in this setting, discussing topics like militarism, feminism and rock’n’roll with Amy Goodman. Two icons of the hard left meet and clearly have an instant bond. You can view the Malachi Ritscher / Mecca Normal episode of Democracy Now! HERE.

The Mecca Normal song “Malachi” was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio by Calvin Johnson and released as Volume CXXXII in our International Pop International series. Recently they re-recorded an acoustic version of “Malachi” with Kramer sitting in; view a video of it at the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard. The new Mecca Normal album Empathy for the Evil (M’Lady’s Records) is available now from the K mail Order Dept.

Mecca Empathy cov 2014


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