Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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Make-Up live at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, Ill. on their 1998 tour. Special guest Kid Congo Powers plays maracas and harmonica; Azita is guest vocalist on “Hey Joe”.

Ian Svenonius: “Azita was a DC person, she went to high school in D.C., was into ska, James knew her back in Nation of Ulysses days. She went to art school in Chicago and was in all these No Wave bands so we always played with Scissors Girls.
Kid Congo did a couple of tours with Make-Up, maracas, back up vocals, a little guitar here and there. He was just traveling with us, it was fun.”

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