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Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

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James Dean Kindle music book for Weblog
The pride of Pendleton, Oregon – James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys – will be collaborating with Oregon East Symphony for what’s promised to be “an evening of lush, symphonic pop country.” The two musical entities first collaborated four years ago and it was a smashing success (see video evidence below). Says Peter Walters of the Eastern Oregon Playboys, “This time around will feature more parts, wider arrangements and some great special guests as we try to outdo our 2010 program.” Logistics and scheduling concerns have delayed a rematch, hopefully this will become an annual event.

It’s all happening at the Vert Auditorium, 480 SW Dorian, Pendleton OR, on Saturday, January 31, 2015. Out-of-town spectators are welcome, special arrangements have been made with the Travelodge across the street, for special rates mention the Oregon East Symphony.

Radio station KWVN-FM 107.7 is offering a ticket give-away, learn more HERE.

For more information about this event contact James Dean Kindle & the Eastern Oregon Playboys HERE.

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