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Saturday, January 4th, 2014

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If you were one of the prescient weird-outs who pre-ordered the Girl Trouble debut album Hit It or Quit It [KLP229] from the K Mail Order Dept., thank you! Now you are rockin’ the entire neighborhood with such Girl T. classics as “The Skin”, “Riverbed” and “She No Rattle My Cage” while perusing your Commemorative Issue of Wig Out! (the Girl Trouble fanzine) developed specifically as a bonus for you glamorous people who placed pre-orders of the album. If on the other hand you did not pre-order Hit It or Quit It (you can still order a copy), you dunt know what you are missing.

However, we here at the K place feel the bonus Wig Out! is too magnif to not share (at least part of it) with the world. The Commemorative Issue of Wig Out! was based on #14 (Dec. 1988), an entire issue dedicated to recording Hit It or Quit It and the follow-up U.S. tour Girl Trouble went on with Beat Happening. Here is the cover of the “Commemorative Issue”:

In the above photog from the “1988 Beat Happening / Girl Trouble U.S. Tour” are (L to R) Jimmy May, Bret Lunsford, Heather Lewis, Calvin Johnson, Dale Phillips, Kahuna, K.P. Kendall (not pictured: Bon Von Wheelie, who took the photog).  And here is Girl Trouble drummer and Wig Out! contributor Bon Von Wheelie‘s introduction:

Here is what they say about recording Hit It or Quit It:


Pretty nifty! And now you know the rest of the story. We are so excited to have Hit It or Quit It available once again on K.

You’ll find Girl Trouble‘s Hit It or Quit It [KLP229] LP, CD or digital downloadable at the K Mail Order Dept.

You can learn more about back issues of Wig Out! HERE.




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