Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Monday, October 1st, 2012

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Girl Trouble, what’s in a name? “Trouble” isn’t their middle name, it’s their raison d’etre, what they live and breath, eat for breakfast; if they ever die (unlikely) don’t bury them at all, just hang their bones up on the wall and dance like a Rock-O-Plane.

Girl Trouble have been a part of K since the mid-80s, when the band appeared on our compilation cassettes Let’s Kiss and released their first two records in our International Pop Underground series. Their first album, Hit It or Quit It, was a co-release between K and Sub/Pop in 1988. But why read about all that here when you could be learning it from the comprehensive Girl Trouble documentary Strictly Sacred?

OK, Strictly Sacred hasn’t actually been produced yet. You can take part in the making of Strictly Sacred by contributing to Isaac Olsen‘s fundraising campaign. View the above promotional trailer and get out the check books. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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