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Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

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Friday, April 30th, 2010

This weekend past the Hive Dwellers and LAKE toured through the Pacific Northwest making stops in Kennewick, Wash., Pendleton, Ore., Thorp, Wash. and Bellingham, Wash. We were accompanied by Kevin Erickson, director of the All Ages Music Project making an on-the-job safari to all-ages music venue adventure.

We all piled into the LAKE van and drove east to Kennewick, Wash. The show was at Stove Top, the garage of a house in a mid-twentieth century neighborhood just off the highway in deep Kennewick. It was arranged by Tim Leingang who released the LAKE album on his Funkytonk Records label. We set up the souvenir stand on a picnic table and Andrew went to the store to locate some frozen pizzas.
The show started with local power songsters PETS, and they were like a wave of fresh air, ver cleansing. LAKE played a short but very satisfying set of songs. The Hive Dwellers ended it all with a thud. Ashley was ill so we decided to forgo any post-show partying.

The next day we drove south to Pendleton, Ore., to play the Great Pacific. Another fab event organized by Peter Walters, who also organizes an annual Pendleton Rock Camp. This camp is less about learning to “rock” than it is about fostering creativity. And it’s free! Sign up today for 2010. Unfortunately most of the thrift stores were closed, but the Salvation Army did yield some classic ‘70s 45s for Gabriel, and Ashley found a Pendleton blanket. The show was again fabulous. We re-connected with Rian Beach of the Pendleton Overground who once brought a variety of NW luminaries to town before high-tailing it for Spain, Portland and Eugene. Now he’s back training as a marathon runner and plotting to turn his giant garage into a summer venue. Can’t wait!

Before the show I ran into Karen Davisson, in town visiting her sister and arranging to partake in the annual fashion show at the Pendleton Center for the Arts in September. Karen creates vivid “kitchen wears” under the moniker Betty Oatmeal. We met her twin niece and nephew, who danced frantically to the Hive Dwellers.

Now Spencer and Eli are ill (not enough partying?), so we again forgo the party scene (Hmmm), though Gabriel and Andrew quietly slipped away to join Peter and pals who were “running the gauntlet” of Pendleton night spots.

Friday saw us driving north back into Washington with a brief stop in Ellensburg to visit the St. Vincent de Paul store, where Kevin purchased 5 homemade afghans. We stopped by Dick and Jane’s Spot for a look-see. What do you know, Jane herself was there, moving the sprinkler around the yard. She and Ashley seemed to particularly hit it off. She told us about a new performance venue in town attached to a coffee shop, called Raw Space. We checked it out. Owner Don Hines and Events Coordinator Pierce Gunderson were both present and happy to give us a tour. Kevin and them talked shop while Andrew, Lindsay and Gabriel ordered coffee.

Off to Thorp, Wash. to perform in the old firehouse on the corner of Main Street and Thorp Highway. Currently this building houses the studio of Howard Barlow, sculptor and art instructor. There was a fire in the back yard, lots of chickens, but no firemen’s pole. We rocked anyway, then slept on the floor of the garage where the fire truck’s used to park (now they are all next door in the new firehouse). In the morning the neighbors brought us donuts and showed us around their garden.

Sunday morning it was off to Bellingham, playing the closing event of the Yellingham Festival at Montague Manor. So much crazy rockin’, starting with Kid Silver and ending with Jason Clackley. People wouldn’t let LAKE leave the stage, but it was a house show with a strict curfew, so they had to! Afterwards we drove back to Olympia and arrived safely after a stop in Seattle to drop off Kevin Erickson, and for Gabriel to visit Dick’s Drive-In.

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