Pink Elephant's Graveyard

Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

The Pink Elephant's Graveyard is where we store all cultural artifacts documenting that which is uniquely K.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

LOOK AT THIS AMAZING PICTURE OF ARRINGTON de DIONYSO !  We found this in a folder full of Old Time Relijun photos, and couldn’t have been more excited.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who took it, but I can tell you that it was taken in the staircase of the old Dub Narcotic Studio/K office in the Olympia Knitting Mill.

The official video for Malaikat dan Singa‘s “I Manipulate the Form’d and the Formless” from Open the Crown [KLP244] is the directorial debut by Arrington‘s daughter, Lucinda Roanoke.  SPIN and Impose just premiered it this week!  Impose said, “Arrington de Dionyso strolling—no, catapulting—himself down the street wearing a golden grill [is] exactly what the doctor ordered.” I’m gonna have to ask them for a referral to their doctor…

“I Manipulate the Form’d and the Formless” is on Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa album Open the Crown [KLP244], available now from the K Mail Order Dept.