The Hive Dwellers at Heartland Gallery!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Saturday night the kind folks at Heartland Gallery in Seattle hosted the Hive Dwellers and other screamin’ punk street grates Richie Dagger’s Crime, Secret Colors and Slashed Tires.

Heartland Gallery is a new 2013 exhibition and performance space that formed from the ashes of the beloved Funny Button. Starting the evening was Slashed Tires, featuring Kenneth of the Off Tempo label & newsletter. This version of Slashed Tires had a dance feel, shoes or socks, whichever you prefer. Here is Kenneth:
In their entirety:
Slashed Tires sans Kenneth:The music was kickin’. People were dumbfounded, with delight.

Next on the itinerary were Richie Dagger’s Crime, who have become entwined with the CT PAK label. Here are said label folk, manning the souvenir stand:Nifty. Richie Dagger’s Crime made the room tuggle and there was a cooing sound accompanied by an electrical hum that was not unpleasant. Dagger electron to the heart.The Hive Dwellers played for the first time with Ben Kapp on the drums. Here are Gabriel and Ben:Ben and Gabriel:The evening finished with Secret Colors, who kept the lights low and the blood warm:The Secret Colors equipment inventory:

A night tracing through an underground playground emitting captivating sounds.