What We’re Listening To: November, 2013

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


The latest top 5 list from the K staff.  I think next month we should pick something other than music.  What do you guys think?  Wanna hear what our top 5 favorite teas are? Or maybe foods we’re eating? Leave comments below.


Lily Allen“Hard Out Here”  have you guys heard this song or watched this video? I really loved her debut album and listened to it all the time.  She seemed to change styles for her next releases, this one seems as cheeky as her original singles.

Tom Tom ClubTom Tom Club – have you guys ever checked out Chris Sutton’s (C.O.C.O., Hornet Leg, Dub Narcotic, Gossip) record lection posts?  Really thoughtful and interesting.  He posted this album in one a couple months back and I’ve been listening to it a bunch since then. I think the line that hooked me was that this was a way for Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth weirder stuff.  Weirder than Talking Heads from the 80’s?  I dig.

The Shivas – “Make Me Wanna Die”  This song hasn’t been release yet but K is releasing a 7″ for this song early 2014.  I saw these guys two weeks ago and this song is so DANG catchy.  You guys are going to love it when it comes out.

Beyonce“Irreplaceable” Speaking of shows, did I tell you I saw Beyonce last week?  Sarah and Eric got me tickets for my birthday.  She was incredible.  Can’t get this one out of my head . . .

You Are PluralRabbit Rabbit this is the band of one of our studio engineers, Ephriam Nagler.  We got to hear bits of it while it was in production and the final product is even better than I imagined.  Check out their bandcamp page to preview or just go for it and buy it on the K Mail Order Dept.


Volcano Choir – Repave  – I love Bon Iver.  So much.  And like his other records, maybe I just had to be in the right mood to hear this.  Repave is hands down the best thing that I’ve been listening to lately.  Really beautiful and perfect for this time of year.  It just hits me in the right way.

Washed OutParacosm  – Liam from Dub Narcotic Studio turned this on one day while him and Mariella were folding 7 inch jackets for the new Lovers Without Borders 7″.  I’ve been coming back to it off and on for the past few months.  Totally dreamy, and totally worth listening to.

PhosphorescentMuchacho – I’ve listened to Phosphorescent quite a few times before, but hadn’t given this a shot until I heard “Song for Zula” on a mix from a friend.  Then I heard it again and again on repeat.  So pretty.

CayucasBigfoot – I fell in love with this band after watching all of their music videos after being contacted about possibly photographing them.  I wish I had gotten the chance, because they’ve become one of my favorites since!  Makes me wish it was still Summer!

George Strait50 Number Ones – He’s playing his last tour ever next year, and I had been debating about buying a ticket.  Obviously listening to all of his hits (50 number ones at the time that this came out!  Holy smokes!) convinced me that it’s going to be worth it.  He’s just so good!


Popol Vuh – Affenstunde  I’m pretty sure Elton John’s “Rocket Man” was about Popol Vuh; “Zero hour, 9 a.m. / I’m going to be high as a kite / It’s lonely out in space / I’m a rocket man / Burning out his fuse up here alone.”

Concrete Fence – New Release (1) I want to live on the imaginary club where this reigns; commands, “Four on the floor, off the floor, on the floor, off…” Avant electronic/dance.

The Black VialThe Jaguar And The Yellow Coulours: 100% out-there psych business that feels like wading through a field of melted wax; low voice, lower everything else.

Glenn Jones – The Wanting Inferior to this year’s My Garden State, The Wanting demonstrates that Glenn Jones isn’t just an imitator (he’s a renowned expert on John Fahey), but he actually has a style that is distinctly his own, especially in his picking and ragtime-esque melodic choices.

Various Artists – Welcome To Dreamland  Fred Frith went to Japan and found a lot of cool bands that sound like Fred Frith.


The Fastbacks Very Very Powerful Motor LP – The Fastbacks are the greatest punk band of all time. That’s what I argued one night with Sam Osborne from the death metal band Bone Sickness, right before he claimed their single “It’s Your Birthday” was the first punk 7″ ever. That last part’s not true, but the former might be. If I were to start naming all my favorite songs in this album, it would end up being all of them. “I’ll Be Okay”, “Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly” and “I Won’t Regret” are all amazing tracks. Calvin gave this record to me a few years ago. It’s a weird sea-foam green / teal color. I made the logo into a 7 day candle when I was working on an art project screen printing onto holy candles for “dead bands”. I will worship The Fastbacks forever.

Big BlackBulldozer E.P. – I’m listing this record solely for “Texas”, a song I have been obsessed with ever since I bought this record at the Academy Annex in Brooklyn, New York right before a Melvins show that I took my cousin to. Someone got punched in the face and whipped his head around in the crowd, spraying blood all over my cousin’s cargo pants. Heavy stuff. Like this. I used to think this record played at 33 1/3 RPM. It’ll really mess with your mind that way. I listen to this record at least once a week. Good times.

Lily AllenIt’s Not Me, It’s You – A weird person to list right after Big Black, Lily Allen, was never someone I paid much attention to until I heard her song “Not Fair”. This entire album’s been stuck in my head ever since. Super catchy and what seems to be an awesome lady.

Eugenius Mary Queen of Scots / Oomalama CDs – I started playing Eugene Kelly’s band Eugenius the other day while Nathan and I were packing orders. Am I allowed to say this band is even better than the Vaselines? I think they might be.

Filth – Live the Chaos 7″ – “The List” is one of the greatest (crust) punk anthems ever. I didn’t really understand this until an angry late night journey through Alphabet City in New York, stomping down the streets in a rage with this blasting in my headphones. My friend Lizet (Weird TV) gave me this song on a mix tape when I was 20. It rules. It’s also the same exact song as “Nothing” by Negative Approach. I think that makes it even better. I’ve been playing both songs on constant loop ever since my room mate Brynn started humming the melody. Look out for a local Olympia band with no name covering NA this month.


Eliane RadigueTransamorem Transmortem. fantastic visionary of modular synths and tape mediation magick.

Bobby Jameson There’s A War Goin On. forgotten folk artist. huge part of 60’s music.

Spider and the Webs –  “A Kid Named Jay” wild wild wild stuff take a listen.

The CareWhatever Possessed You. brilliant song writing so glad this was shown to me.

Flavor CrystalsChurch Fuzz. Minneapolis’ finest.


Idiot Glee “Don’t Go out Tonight” 45 (Small Plates)

Cold Beat “Worms” 12″ (Crime on the Moon)

Strategy “Clocky Man” 45 (2 AM 2 AM)

Saturday Looks Good to Me One Kiss Ends It all LP (Polyvinyl)

Art Museums “S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G.” / “Feel Like Dreams” 45 (Dulc-i-tone Records)

Heavy Trash “We Got to Go” 45

Christmas Christmas LP (High Fives and Handshakes)


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  1. Brynn of Slouch says:

    UPDATE: “No Name” band now called “Slouch”. Members of Soil, Prank War, Disparate, Crude Thought, We Play Quiet… Confirmed: covering Negative Approach’s “Nothing”. Coming soon to Palace Flophouse Dec. 19th, 2013.

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