The Shivas Believe In Rock’n’Roll

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


  Eric, Kristen and Jared of The Shivas (pictured here with me and their long-time friend Katy, also our beloved former intern) came to the office yesterday to talk shop about their tour (Spring!), upcoming K release (also Spring!) and to give us some sweet high fives.  (Rob, we missed you!)

It would be no stretch to say that The Shivas have that special something so many rock groups spend a lifetime working out. With their splashy dance-clap-revolution approach to rock’n’roll, the band exudes unparalleled style and class, and have a certain sparkle-quality that left me a bit dazzled the first time I saw them live.  Jared Wait-Molyneux has such commanding stage presence–it’s unreal. Plus they’re just total dream boats.

This was Eric Shanafelt’s first visit to the office (pictured left) and everyone crowded in the doorway for the traditional hello photo-op.  Here Calvin takes a break from mixing the new Hive Dwellers tracks to mingle with us.

And this is Kristen Leonard.  She’s the kind of drummer that makes me want to dust off the toms—she just makes it look so effortless and chic!

So here’s a little taste, their music video for the single “Gun In My Pocket,” a stand-out on Whiteout!  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS RECORD!!!  And Shivas, come back soon!

With Love,


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