Streaming Is Happening at K!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

There are over 400 different releases on K (as of this writing – more on the way!). Did you ever wonder what Mecca Normal actually sound like? Or Satisfact? And what is a Nucular Aminal, anyway (see above)? You can now hear any K release on demand over at the K Mail Order Dept., for free!
Just visit the page for a particular release (say, the new Ruby Fray album Pith), click on one of those little arrow-dealies next to the song titles, and it will play the song in question; when it is through it will continue to play through the entire album. And this is available for any album on K, from Beat Happening Beat Happening [KLP001] through The Hive Dwellers Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241]. Time to go exploring! Traipse through the catalogues of K. It’s a freakin’ groove.

2 responses to “Streaming Is Happening at K!”

  1. ParmeJeanne says:


    • Calvin Johnson says:

      Dear ParmeJeanne,

      Your enthusiasm is much appreciated. Apparently it is shared by plentiful weird-outs, streaming muchly free listenings over at the K mail Order Dept.!!!!!!

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