St. Valentine’s Dance!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

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K StaffK Valentine couponThe K staff (pictured above, clockwise from upper left: Danielle, Mariella, Joel, Sarah, Eric, Calvin) have put together a special St. Valentine’s Day Dance Staff Playlist, directly from our hearts to yours! Each staff person contributed three (or four) songs from the K catalogue that has a personal L-O-V-E interest to them. The final tally was compiled by Mariella, and there you be. It’s available for streaming or downloadable as either individual songs or a complete cupid mix. Listen to it all day, and with that special someone.

You can also use the accompanying coupon and receive 15% off at the K Mail Order Dept. when stocking up on downloadables, phonograph records, hooded sweatshirts, refrigerator magnets or anything else. Enter the code “Dance” at check-out time and you are chocolate.

Here’s the playlist with links:

Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Peg

The Blow – “Parentheses

Tender Forever – “Heartbroken Forever

Tiger Trap – “You & Me

Ruby Fray – “Let’s Grow Older

Calvin Johnson – “Ode To St. Valentine

Lois – “The Way I Feel Inside

Jason Traeger – “Love, Love, and Love

Make-Up – “Hot Coals

Mirah – “Mt. St. Helens

Nobody – “A.N.I.T.A.

The Halo Benders – “Love Travels Faster

The Microphones – “I Felt Your Shape

Mirah – “Words Cannot Describe

Kendl Winter – “At The Same Time

Beat Happening – “Bewitched

The Softies – “You & Only You

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