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Monday, November 5th, 2012

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Aaron McHattie from the Vancouver, B.C. cassette label Radical Clatter dropped off a few of their recent releases at the K Mail Order Dept. for us to distribute out into the world. Excitement. Here is some info about the artists and their corresponding cassettes:

Collapsing Opposites!
Collapsing Opposites are a ragtag gang of artists and amateur musicians led by the ever-expanding discography of singer-songwriters Ryan P. McCormick. They put forth a wild and raucous live show as a five-piece rock and roll outfit, which has included fifteen different band members in the past three years. Their songwriting canon explores issues of time, space, economics, meaning-making, growing-up, mental illness, and of course, the role of the artist in contemporary society. Since the release of their fifth full-length album, Real Moving is their fifth album, was immediately followed by another lineup change and received the subsequent fuel for fresh songwriting approaches. A new full-length is slated for release in early 2013.

Pedagogues!When not playing with myraid other outfits in hometown Vancouver, or half-assedly running the Radical Clatter imprint, Aaron McHattie spends his time screwing around with a four-track in a bedroom or a basement and ostentatiously calling it Pedagogues. Besides his first and only release Exit Valve, two other completed full-lengths wait in the wings – “on ice,” as it were – and a third is nearing actualization. Maybe one day he´ll let you hear them.


Sightlines formed in the summer of 2011 when Eric Axen (Hermetic), Aaron McHattie (Pedagogues), and Chris Martell (Collapsing Opposites) combined.  All veterans of the Vancouver DIY music scene, the band bonded over a mutual love of mid-90s pop-punk and power pop (Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel, Eric’s Trip.)  Despite McHattie‘s departure in fall 2012, the band is recording a second EP and plans to hit the road in 2013.

So You Think You Can Sleep!So You Think You Can Sleep explores the potential for radical activity and methods of living resistance through akimbo post-structuralist rhythmic content, micro-mathematical form, and lyrics consisting of single-sentence manifestos. Some difficulty in retaining a full-time vocalist has led the band to pare down to a sleek three-piece, leading to an increased focus of trajectory. With composer-guitarist Mark studying semiotics in Ontario, bassist Dan doing social work in Vancouver, and drummer Aaron somewhere in Mexico, the band has wisely concluded that weekly practices may have to wait for the time being. Expect some new clatter from these arithmatics in Autumn 2013.

Mansion Music!

Mansion Music is a collection of songs and sounds by Anita Sparrow, recorded at the Mansion in Vancouver, B.C. by Katie Caron. These songs will make you believe in ghosts.

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  1. Jon Manning says:

    Radical Clatter is one of my favorite fellow northwest tape labels!

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