Northwest Literary Showcase

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


The Northwest Literary Showcase at this year’s Helsing Junction Sleeopver, August 15-17, presents a broad mix of essayists, novelists, zinesters, and poets from around the Northwest. Combining seasoned award-winning authors with up-and-coming writers, the showcase brings an entertaining assortment of local talent.

Some of the artists appearing this year are:

Sarah Mirk lives most of her life on the internet. But after hours, she likes to make comics, consume entire newspapers, and talk to strangers. She’s the online editor of national feminism and pop culture magazine Bitch and hosts the magazine’s engaging feminist podcast Popaganda. She writes and draws nonfiction comics, including the popular 10-issue series Oregon History Comics, and also gives lectures and workshops nationwide on media activism. Her essays have been featured in several books, so now she’s excited to announce the release of her own book, a nontraditional guide to relationships called Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules. After three years of work, the book debuts this month.

Zach Mandeville is a writer, barber, and comedian living in Olympia, Wa. He’s author of the zine Funwater Awesome and performs stand-up comedy around the country.

Moe Bowstern’s favorite superpower is storytelling, and she has been using and honing it since she was about 8 or 9 years old. In 5th grade she had a hippie teacher who ate bean sprouts and played soccer with her and her classmates at recess who helped her access the joys of writing down the told story so she could whammy people over and over again with her superpower. She has published Xtra Tuf, a zine about commercial fishing, since 1996 and also writes a column for SCAM! zine and book reviews for Hip Mama.  She has worked a number of labor jobs, including fishing, painting, gardening and construction work and currently run a small housecleaning business in Portland Oregon; she has co-directed original puppet shows with live music since just before the turn of the century, which has taught her artistic fearlessness.  She is fond of humans and other animals, especially the ones she lives with, and appreciates the good green earth.

Sarah Tavis has been a Texas punk girl, a teen mom, a graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, a bookseller, a devil woman, and a teacher of creative writing: each of these fueling a different experience with the written/spoken/sung word. Her rich and varied background is reflected in her work today with Chula Chula Press, which pushes against the conventional restrictions of literary form and genre.

A.M. O’Malley has been writing, making zines and publishing on various planes since 1994. She has recently been published in The Newer York, Poor Claudia, Phenome, UnShod Quills, The Burnside Review and The Portland Review. Her chapbook of Memoir-Prose Poems “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Something Else” is forthcoming in 2015. Ms. O’Malley teaches writing at the Columbia River Correctional Instituition and at Portland Community College. She is also the Program Director of the Independent Publishing Resource Center, a literary arts and zine resource non-profit in Portland, Oregon.

Sara Renberg is a Portland-based poet, musician, and programmer. Her first record, The Tall Calm (recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios), is out on Antiquated Future Records.

Joshua James Amberson is the author of the critically-acclaimed zines Basic Paper Airplane and The Prince Zine. His short prose and journalism have been published in a wide variety of publications, including Broken Pencil and Performer Magazine. He’s a weekly contributor to The Portland Mercury, a creative writing teacher through Portland Community College, is currently editing an essay collection called Everyday Mythologies, and working on a young adult novel called The Importance of Forgetting.


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