New! From the Olympia Underground: Vexx, Hysterics, Outlook

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

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Here at the K Mail Order Department, we are excited to present some new, local, punk acquisitions to the distribution section of our shop. Our friends & neighbors are still cranking up awesome records and we are proud to make them available to you. Here are the latest albums we acquired straight from the Olympia Underground music scene:

VEXX s/t LP (Grazer)

Vexx LP (Grazer)

This LP is killer!¬† Hailing from Olympia, Washington, VEXX have been deemed “a true anomaly”. They seem to have come from nowhere. There was no demo, no 7″. VEXX became a band and hit the scene, playing almost every show downtown (along with GAG) and stealing the show. And now, this self-titled LP! Are there any other bands in Oly right now? VEXX is truly one of the ones that matters; a unanimous local favorite. They’ve been around for a year or so and have really honed their sound.

Maryjane is an insane front-person. She commands the stage and steals your soul. Enchanting, terrifying, powerful; her voice will be howling through your head long after the music has stopped. “Groovy Mike” on guitar and Corey (also in the Mona Reels) on drums keep the music flowing – which has been compared to both the Zero Boys and the Wipers. (Aaron Larsen plays on this LP but isn’t in the band anymore.) See them live if you can and I promise you won’t be disappointed; in fact, your mind might be blown.

Highly recommended. Check out the track “Clairvoyant” and see if you can resist hearing more.

Track list:

  1. Stress
  2. Clairvoyant
  3. Falling Down
  4. Strength
  5. Don’t Talk About It
  6. Spirit / Constraint
  7. Ocean Shores
  8. Roky, Take Me Home


Hysterics “Can’t I Live?” 7″ E.P. (M’lady’s)

Hysterics - Can't I Live (M'lady's)

Hysterics is an all-female hardcore band to be reckoned with. Their logo, featured on the the back of their first 7″ E.P., Hysterics s/t (M’lady’s), is composed of four bloody tampons positioned like the (not-so) sacred Black Flag bars. Hysterics have been turning the North American hardcore scene upside down for the past two years. These women mean business. You may remember their song “Hanging Out At The 512”, off their debut, if you’ve taken the horrific journey between Seattle and Olympia by bus and been harassed by the local, transient scum. The tracks on “Can’t I Live?” (M’lady’s) may prove to be even more relevant and this E.P is selling out FAST.

“The A-side alone will peel your wig back, from the opening scree of ‘Outside In,’ charging out of the gate as if hardcore had never happened before, to the anthemic ‘Leave Me Alone,’ all the way to ‘Psychic Drain,’ 48 seconds of blinding thrash… These are six new classics for the radical punk canon…”

Track listing:

  1. Outside In
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Now I See
  4. Psychic Drain
  5. Please Sir
  6. No Vision

 Hysterics is Adriana (guitar), Stephie (vocals), Jessica (bass) and Shannen (drums).


Outlook – Our Time Is Now LP (Self-Released)

Outlook - Our Time Is Now

Outlook is a band that has taken D.I.Y. ethics to new extremes. A staunch, politically-charged hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington, Outlook formed in 2008 and put out this LP themselves (on no label) in 2012. Fronted by Adriana from Hysterics, every song they perform reflects their firm,¬†anarchistic values. This LP plays like a powerful call into action. Our Time Is Now features several songs that will have you screaming along within minutes. An LP for every member of the underground masses. If you’ve been hearing people in Olympia shouting “I REFUSE” for (seemingly) no particular reason, this is why. Very solid LP.

Preview the first two tracks here!

Track listing:

  1. Our Time Is Now
  2. Living For More
  3. Not In My Name
  4. Moving On
  5. Dead Peasant
  6. Release
  7. Gilded Cage
  8. All There Is
  9. Our Choice

Outlook is Matt (drums), Adriana (vocals), James (guitar) and Steven (bass).

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