New! From our friends & neighbors: Shitty Weekend / King Elephant Split 7″ (Tummy Rock)

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

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Have you ever heard of Tummy Rock Records, a small DIY label from Missoula, MT now located in Bellingham, WA? The label is run by musician, all ages proponent and all-around super nice guy, Tyson Ballew. Originally specializing in cassette tapes, CDs and digital tracks, Tummy Rock was finally able to put out its very first vinyl record this year thanks to a KickStarter campaign and around 40 very groovy individuals. The Shitty Weekend / King Elephant Split 7″ marks the label’s 39th release and is now available through the K Mail Order Department!

King Elephant is an awesome band from Missoula, MT. They play fast, melodic punk. Joey Running Crane has been busting out anthemic gems since his first band Goddammitboyhowdy hit the scene over four years ago.

Shitty Weekend is a gang of rapscallion punks from Portland, OR, featuring members of The Taxpayers. Fronted by Andrew Link, the band plays an eclectic brand of punk rock. Shitty Weekend is a gang of really sweet, hard workers. This 7″ is their debut recording and their LP is coming out soon on Secret Pennies Records.

You can stream this record from the Tummy Rock bandcamp site or pick up a physical copy for $8. Well worth it!

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