Neo Boys Original EPs Recovered (and Re-covered)!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Last weekend at the official release party for the Neo Boys double album Sooner or Later [KLP242], the band offered up original copies of their two EPs from the early ’80s, the “Give Me the Message” 7″ 45 (Trap) and the Crumbling Myths 12″ (Joe). Their debut EP, “Give Me the Message” b/w “Never Comes Down” and “Rich Man’s Dream”, was produced by Greg Sage (the Wipers) and released on his Trap Records label in 1980. It features the band at their raw bestest. Several boxes of the original pressing of “Give Me the Message” were found in a basement, sans sleeves. New copies of the cover were printed and inserted by the band members the evening before (see above photog), all ready for their adoring public.

The follow-up EP, Crumbling Myths, was released three years later featuring a more subtle, melodic and angular style. There are 80 copies left after the party, still sealed in their original shrink-wrap. The K Mail Order Dept. is selling both the “Give Me the Message” 7″ and the Crumbling Myths 12″ for the band at ridiculously low prices. Check into it.