Mecca Normal at the Whitney Biennial!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

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The cover of  Mecca Normal‘s most recent volume in our International Pop Underground series, “Malachi” [IPU132], will be on display at the 2014 Whitney Biennial within an exhibit about Malachi Ritscher. This is being put together by Public Collectors (Chicago, IL) and curator Marc Fischer who, once he was selected to be one of the official artists in the biennial, decided to use his space to furthering knowledge of Malachi’s life and death (read more about Malachi Ritscher and his work HERE).

Marc’s exhibit includes a listening booth of bands that Malachi recorded live in Chicago. Mecca Normal is one of those bands, their entire set will be available. Additionally, a framed copy of (guitarist) David Lester‘s poster Malachi (part of his Inspired Agitators series) will be on display, and a piece (vocalist) Jean Smith wrote about Malachi Ritscher that will be in the biennial catalog.

Marc hasn’t officially said what his work in the biennial will be yet (he may be wary of the hype factor of this exhibit), and Mecca Normal haven’t officially announced their role. There is a Press Release online, if you are interested in the way Public Collector is presenting Malachi Ritscher, and why.

In other Mecca Normal news, they have a new album Empathy for the Evil on M’lady’s (run by the fabulous Brett Lyman), produced and mixed by Kramer (who plays bass on all tracks and he added some synth/keys/organ here and there). These sessions included an acoustic version of “Malachi”,  but it was not included on the album.


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  1. Japanther says:

    this song will make you cry

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