LAKE The World is Real: Now on Cassette!

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

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Have you heard the new LAKE album yet?  Did you pass up the chance to buy a copy of The World Is Real [KLP246] on CD or LP because you’re knee deep into that crazy cassette craze and can’t stop trying to satisfy your insatiable need for more of those glorious magnetic tapes? Well now, we’ve got the item for you. The World is Real [KLP246] is now officially available on audio cassette!

The tape has all the fabulous hits of the original. All 11 tracks!

1. Do You Recall
2. Bury The House
3. Combat Culture
4. Composure
5. Go Back
6. Takin’ It My Time
7. Dog In The Desert
8. Perfect Fit
9. I Wish For You
10. In The Stubborn Eyes Of A Demon
11. Reconcile

Or if analog isn’t quite your thing, and you’re thinking, “What? Cassettes? This is the twenty-first century,  man”,  you can pick up a high-quality digital bundle pack complete with the entire album and four bonus tracks from LAKE‘s singles “You Are Alone” [IPU127] and “Gravel” [DBN116]. That’s 15 digital songs for the amazingly low price of $5.99! Get with it!

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