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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Recap the NW Folklife!
There have been dozens of photographs posted here and there from the K events at the Northwest Folklife Festival last month. Check out these recent posts at the K Weblog: Full Color Friday! and K Goes to Folklife! Of special interest is the appearance of the Softies, their first show in the Pacific Northwest in a decade. Here are Jen Sbragia and Rose Melberg at the Our Indoor Campsite show (also featured were the Hive Dwellers, Kendl Winter, Katie & the Lichen):

LAKE Return and Record!
Last weekend LAKE returned to the Northwest from Calif. where they wandered the towns and beaches playing a tour with their newest member Paul on drums (who you may recognize from his band Motorbikes, about to tour the west coast with Mt. Eerie). Here is a photog of the LAKE show at Northern Sunday evening:LAKE are just adding the finishing touches to their new album at Dub Narcotic Studio. Look for it at your local music emporium later this autumn!

Ruby Fray Cross the Continent!Hot on the heels of the new  Ruby Fray album Pith [KLP239] comes a touriffic show featuring Emily Beanblossom and assorted chums, playing all of your favorite Pith anthems. The exact tour dates have yet to be set in stone, anticipate. Included in the cast of wandering Ruby Fray minstrels is Olympian Giselle Garcia, who snapped the above photog of LAKE at Northern.


Arrington Records at Dub Narcotic!
Last weekend Arrington de Dionyso took over the K break room with a pile of audio recording and reproducing equipment: two portable cassette decks, a compact disc recorder, laptop computer, wires, assorted gizmos, shofar. He spent a couple days creating beats to be used as guides for the upcoming Malaikat dan Singa recording session at Dub Narcotic Studio, once again with Karl Blau presiding. This will be his third album of Indonesian-inspired rhythms and chants, the first since his epic journey to that country last autumn. The Pink Elephants Graveyard has a video of Arrington playing bass clarinet with a local Jathilan group in Java; view it HERE.


Helsing Junction update: Aug. 24-26!Here is a list of artists confirmed to play the 2012 Helsing Junction Sleep Over, three days of fun and frolic on the Helsing Junction Organic Farm near Rochester, Washington, August 24-26. Prepare yourself for Gary May, the Hive Dwellers, Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets, Tender Forever, PETS, Shivas, the Memories, Nucular Aminals, Hysterics, LAKE, Mt. Eerie, Maxines, Danny Kelly, Briana Marela and Kendl Winter. More to be added over the next few weeks!


The Hive Dweller Hewn from the Wilderness Release Party!
Next week the Hive Dwellers new album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] will be unveiled to the world. In celebration the Hive Dwellers will play a show at Northern in downtown Olympia Friday night, June 8. Also appearing will be Aantarcticaa (featuring Olympia’s Eleanor Murray and Ben Kamen) and Bon Bon (from Calif.). Could be a time.


 The Latest Phonograph Records from Our Friends & Neighbors!

Broken Water Tempest: LP (Hardly Art)
The Olympia three-piece Broken Water— a sometimes noisy, sometimes droning, often pretty and subtly poppy band—is very much a product of its hometown. After a number of shape-shifting releases, the band has managed the rare feat of evolution in the service of a signature sound, wild experimentation that ultimately works as a harness, locking down the music’s unique and idiosyncratic internal logic.Tempest is their second full-length LP this year and first for Hardly Art.


The Memories The Memories LP (Underwater Peoples)
It’s Portland’s bravest popular music combo at their finest hour! Originally a cassette-only release on their own Gnar Tapes & Shit label, this has been re-issued on LP phonograph record by Underwater Peoples.



Memory Boys Send It Across to Me LP
Grant, Marit, Kevin, Eli and Ashley (of LAKE, read an interview with Ashley on the K Weblog!). Part Oregon, part Washington, all Olympia. Good friends that share a love of recording, writing, listening to and talking about music. Hand silk screened jackets, front and back, a full page insert and printed record labels. This is really a highly personalized art object. It sounds good and crisp coming off the vinyl. This record is a self-released by Ashley & Eli and was recorded on Whidbey Island, Wash. and at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Wash.

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