WEDNESDAY JAMMERZ: Ladies of the Distribution Section

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

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It’s Wednesday. March 25, 2014. I’m sitting at my desk near the side-door of the Temple Bldg. I’ve had a song by the grunge band L7 stuck in my head all morning. (“The Masses Are Asses”. And they are.) I have a cut on my left hand from the tape gun from frantically packing orders on Monday. Mailing out records. Sending out 7″s. We’ve been getting a lot of sick stuff in lately. And there seems to be a very important, underlying theme. Female-fronted punk. My favorite. So here are my top five six picks for female-fronted jammerz straight from our friends and neighbors:

Vexx s/t LP (Grazer):

Vexx LP (Grazer)Vexx. Do I really have to say anything else about this band? They RULE. My friend has three copies of this LP on vinyl. I have one and am considering getting another. Just for kicks. Just to give to someone that needs the rock-n-roller inside of them to be awakened. Vexx is a punk band playing rock music or a rock band playing punk music. Does it matter? Even Mary Jane, front-woman extraordinaire can’t decide. And she scares the crap out of me me. When she’s on stage. Vexx played on in a garage on Saturday night and Mary Jane ripped the shirt right off her body. She said she was tired. It didn’t show. She threw herself onto the ground. She threatened the crowd. Sweat was pouring down Corie‘s face. People were spitting beer at each other. The drums were booming. Mike was groovin’. Ian‘s on bass now. This band is sick.


White Lung – Blow It South 7″ (Deranged)

White Lung - Blow It South 7" (Deranged)White Lung. Vancouver, B.C. never seemed so rad. Stark. Threatening. Effortless. Orange.


Son Skull – Wiped Clean 12″ E. P. (Perennial):

Hayes are Mary are part of a gang and the gang is called their family. Dan (Gun Outfit) is in the gang too, or at least in the band. Thick ‘n’ heavy rocking, late ’80’s, early ’90’s. Harsh, gritty vibe. This E.P. rips! Some people have been saying the B-Side is too weird. I like weird. That’s what the backs of records are for. Both sides kill.


La Misma – s/t 7″ E.P. (Toxic State Records)
This is what riot-grrrl would have sounded like in NYC in 2014. Oh, and all the vocals are in Portuguese. Worldly. Pogo-tastic. Hand-screened covers. This 7″ vibrates. “Punk rock perfection”. Reminds me of home.


Hysterics – Can’t I Live 7″ (M’lady’s):

Hysterics - Can't I Live (M'lady's)Hysterics are getting ready to go on tour. This 7″ is already on its second pressing. Now the vinyl has purple labels. I like the color purple. Calvin hates it. That and brown. I have a feeling Stephie hates a lot of things; and she should. You should too. The world is full of corrupt shit and Hysterics are pointing it out; throwing it back into your face, trampling it. This E.P. has six songs on it. It’s that good.


Outlook – Our Time Is Now LP (Self-Released):

Outlook - Our Time Is NowOutlook. Cover says it all. It was then and is now. OLYMPIA. Monumental. Big sound. Bigger lyrics. I REFUSE.


Buy all six of these titles here: Wednesday Jammerz

xo Jill


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