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Monday, October 8th, 2012

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Karl Blau recording LAKE at Dub Narcotic Studio. Photo: Brazzel

What is up with Karl Blau? Here are the basic answers to this common query:

He is living in Anacortes, Wash. with his family including the latest addition, daughter Poppy. He has a studio set up in his house, Quatro Cinco, and just finished two albums in his K.L.A.P.S. (KELP Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society) series, as funded by your contributions to his Kickstarter campaign last autumn:

Questions for Moon is forged from 16 song poems sent to him by Kickstarter donors. Karl had a wonderful time working with these pieces and discovering the mid-point point between their natural rhythms and his own personal style. It’s freaky cool!

Songles is a straight forward Karl Blau four-track album, which is to say completely glorious and creature-ific. Both of these album come in beautiful hand-sewn covers.

Karl is currently working on three new K.L.A.P.S. albums. One will feature his take on favorites West Coast female songwriters (who also happen to be friends and major influences on his work) like Jean Smith, Khaela Maricich, Laura Viers, Johanna Kuhnan, Katy Davidson, Kanako Wynkoop, Mirah and Lois Maffeo. Another is a collaboration with Seattle area jazz trumpeter Bill Kautz where they improvise over nature sound loops Karl has created. Karl has at least six more albums in the back of his head that are making their way to the frontal lobe. The Music just keeps coming!

Lovers without Borders have two new singles due soonly, one is a volume in our International Pop Underground series, “Detective” [IPU142], recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson (view a brief video of them recording it HERE). The other 45 is a four song EP, Dentist, they’re releasing on their own. Lovers without Borders will be playing in Seattle at 20/20 Cycle November 10, also on the bill will be Motorbikes and…Karl Blau!

Karl Blau will be playing several shows around the Northwest this month, including one at Northern in Downtown Olympia Thursday, Oct. 11 with the Hive Dwellers and Slashed Tires.

Karl Blau! Photo: Eli Moore


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