K Staff Playlist: Dirk Kinsey!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

You can visit the K Mail Order Dept. and listen to, download, experience a number of K Staff Playlists created by the likes of Promotions Director Danielle Ruse (A Fan’s Notes) or Production Manager Sarah Cass (The First Songs I Heard on K). There are also playlists collated by artists like Shana Cleveland of Curious Mystery (A K Artist Playlist by Shana Cleveland) and Robert Comitz of Nucular Aminals (A K Artist Playlist by Robert Comitz).

Dirk Kinsey K Staff PlaylistNow we have the most K of all K Staff Playlists from Dirk Kinsey. Entitled A Mecca Normal Primer, it explores the dark and joyous underbelly of the Mecca Normal catalogue, an artist many consider to be the ultimate in K-ness. Mecca Normal have been involved with K since 1986, we have released six Mecca Normal albums and they’re featured on numerous volumes in our International Pop Underground series.

Here’s what Dirk has to say on the subject:Mecca Normal stands as one of my favorite bands, K or otherwise. In putting together a playlist, I kept coming back to them, to the point it made more since to just indulge in my role as chooser and go 100% Mecca Normal. For those of you that are unfamiliar with these seminal northwest anarchists, consider it a primer. I’ve tried to include both classics and some relatively deep cuts. Jean and David have tapped into a thing you would be hard pressed to replicate. The simplicity of guitar and vocals, the kinetic power of the performance, the fact that these two are coming into their THIRD decade of working together, blows me away every time. Often times, Mecca Normal will come up in conversation amongst musicians I know and a seriousness will take over, heads nodding gravely, a mix of reverence,  fascination, maybe a little intimidation.  “Waiting for Rudy”, “Are You Hungry Joe?”, “I Walk Alone” remain as politically relevant now as they were 25 years ago. The older I get and the better I understand how much it takes to survive your youth with ideals intact, the more these songs mean to me. Strident, unflinching, topical, the Mecca Normal vibe is not the most easily digested. But beyond the initial challenge, you’ll be rewarded with music that has a grace, depth and razor sharp edge.”

Mecca NormalYou can view Mecca Normal via a number of entries to the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard, including “Malachi” (visual imagery to accompany their most recent entry into our International Pop Underground series),  Oh! Yes You Can (videos to accompany all three songs on their K debut EP), and an interview with Nikki McClure on why she loves Mecca Normal.

Here’s the full playlist with links to each track:

Mecca Normal – Man Thinks Woman

Mecca Normal – Waiting For Rudy

Mecca Normal – Days

Mecca Normal – Are You Hungry Joe?

Mecca Normal – Thrown Silver

Mecca Normal – Beaten Down

Mecca Normal – Armchairs Fit

Mecca Normal – Forlorn

Mecca Normal – Paris In April

Mecca Normal – Strong White Male

Mecca Normal – Malachi

Mecca Normal – Flashlight

Mecca Normal – Nobody’s Asking

Mecca Normal – I Walk Alone

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