K Staff Playlist by Eric Williger

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


[The K Mail Order Dept. has requested assorted fellow office colleagues and other hangers-on to compile lists of their fave K downloadables, and they are offered up here under the K Staff Playlist series. The songs are available as individual downladables, or together as a complete album download. This week, Eric Williger, new head of the K Mail Order Dept., has compiled a playlist of his own favorite K tracks.]
Eric says: “When I was growing up, K always struck me as distinct & different from other labels.  It seemed insulated and contained–located in a small city called Olympia that I had only heard of as the home-base of bands I liked.  And the label had a definite sound to it, and a studio where a lot of its records were born, and a large amount of collaboration between artists.  It seemed like a strange clubhouse that I wanted very much to know more about, to gain access to.
“The songs in my playlist aren’t really themed; they’re just songs I enjoy that, at some point, really entranced me.  A lot of them have totally concrete memories attached to them.  When I was 16 I ardently believed ‘Until You Tell’ by The Softies was the greatest song I had ever heard. (It probably was.)  ‘Sitting Alone at the Movies’ always makes me think of sitting soggy-shoed in Olympia’s Capitol Theater, waiting impatiently for a movie to begin.  The K catalog is full of total freak-outs (Ruby Fray’s ‘Penny’ is a good example of this), utter sincerity, and wide-eyed romanticism–usually occurring all at the same time.  It’s this range of true emotion that made me imagine what Olympia & the Northwest were really like (which felt like a far cry from the midwest I was living in at the time when I discovered K), and that also makes me feel really grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend here.”
Beat Happening – “Our Secret
The Microphones – “The Breeze
Ruby Fray – “Penny
Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa – “Kerasukan
Calvin Johnson – “Can We Kiss?
Kendl Winter – “Shades of Green
Little Wings – “Look At What The Light Did Now
The Softies – “Until You Tell
Talulah Gosh – “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)
Tiger Trap – “Puzzle Pieces
LAKE – “Don’t Give Up
The Hive Dwellers – “Sitting Alone At The Movies

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