K Staff Playlist – By Bryce Silianoff

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Bryce says: “My playlist is really just songs I dig right now, a spoonful of Ksongs to jam out to while in transit, or waking up in the morning. It starts off a little gentle with Karl Blau and Little Wings but ends up sliding around withDoug Martsch’s guitar and then off to go get weird with Old Time Relijunbefore it sticks around in the dark clouds and pale grey skies.

“Some of these songs make you want to dance around your room playing air guitar into that old copy of Kerouac while songs like “Lynch the Swan” make you want to go to space and float by asteroids laying on your back. My love of a good heavy song comes through in the end a bit with Lync and Karp, and gently comes back down in the end with The Microphones’  “Headless Horseman”.  These are songs for standing at the bus stop in the morning, wearing five sweaters to stay warm.”

1. Karl Blau – Make Love That Lasts
2. Little Wings – Boom!
3. Built To Spill – Still Flat
4. D+ – That Toad
5. Old Time Relijun – The Door I Came Through Has Been Closed (But I Keep Trying)
6. Lois – Return (Your Turn)
7. Lync – Friend
8. KARP – We Ate Sand
9. The Hive Dwellers – Lynch The Swan
10. The Microphones – Headless Horseman 


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