K Staff Playlist: “Beloved Late 90′s K” – By Calvin Johnson

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

In the late ‘90s the Olympia dream rocked hard and no one seemed to have a job (the State Theater was but an empty shell). House shows bloomed across the spectrum of downtown, Lucky Seven, Red House to the Alexander Berkman Collective. What we have here is a collection of hits drawn from assorted albumsDub Narcotic Disco Plates and volumes in theInternational Pop Underground series.

Subdebs made mad street scenes and broken hair bands. IQU could rock the party, they spoke the language of the beat. Satisfact had it down long before most people recognized the power of the non-goth dark. Lois, sublime princess of pop. Love as Laughter rose from the ashes of Lync to herald a new era of groin rock. Old Time Relijun by the sea and at their most primitive, from the Selector Dub Narcotic [KLP082] compilation. Rondelles arrived inOlympia from New Mexico to record their impact-resistant crashpop at theDub Narcotic StudioD+, an anthem for an environmentally conscious era or gun nuts. Dub Narcotic Sound System from our second EP recorded at Royal Recording in Memphis, TN. Some Velvet Sidewalk rock the punch clock and spiral out of control, intro by Nikki McClureAgnes and Hattie’s Eastside Witches Revival get all eerie and serene with the musical saw; a selection from the Cha Cha Cabaret [KLP066] compilation. The Crabs are always good for another rocker + loose cannon. Make-Up: plea for an idol, in vain? The Softies at their prime, from the Winter Pageant [KLP061] album.KARP: not enough has been said or written.

1. Subdebs – Don’t Mess With Us
2. IQU – Done The Twist
3. Satisfact – Misprint
4. Lois – Capital A
5. Love As Laughter – #1 USA
6. Old Time Relijun – Siren
7. Rondelles – Revenge
8. D+ – Green Party
9. Dub Narcotic Sound System – Superball
10. Some Velvet Sidewalk – Valley Of The Clock
11. Agnes and Hattie’s Eastside Witches Revival – Afternoon at the Abandoned Mine
12. The Crabs – Love And Hate
13. Make Up – Free Arthur Lee
14. The Softies – Tracks And Tunnels
15. KARP – Connect 5 


[Photog above is Calvin Johnson with Kelly Maxine at the K office, January, 2013, by Danielle Ruse]

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