K Staff Playlist –Almost A Bummer Mix by Sarah Cass

Monday, November 11th, 2013

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K Staff Playlist Almost A Bummer Mix by Sarah Cass

[Mail Order Maven Jill has asked members of the K staff to create Staff Playlists for the K Mail Order Dept. What follows is a playlist of some of Production Manager, Sarah Cass‘, favorite songs that were released on K. Her K Staff Playlist is available as individual digital downloadables or as a full album download.]

1. “Namiot”Christmas
2. “Cast a Shadow” – Beat Happening
3. “Red Light” – The Vibrarians
4. “Thanksgiving” – Jason Anderson (featuring Phil Elverum and Adrian Orange)
5. “Dig In” – Tara Jane ONeil
6. “You and Only You” – The Softies
7. “True Affection” – The Blow
8. “In This Lonely Town” – Jeremy Jay
9. “Baby I Need You” – The Shivas
10. “La Familia” – Mirah
11. “Canned Oxygen” – The Halo Benders
12. “Detroit Music” – Chain & the Gang
13. “Don’t Give Up” – LAKE
14. DOUBLEDRAGONS (versionDLOversion) – [[[[VVRSSNN]]]]
15. Be Still – The Curious Mystery
16. Rosie – Kendl Winter
17. “The Second Most Beautiful Girl In The World” – Lovers Without Borders
18. “Palace” – Electric Sunset
19. Ticking Timebomb – All Girl Summer Fun Band

I set out create a mellow mix of songs from the K archives to fit nicely with the cold, wet Fall weather that we’re having right now in Olympia.  This was almost a bummer mix, but in the last few minutes of compiling, the addition of a few upbeat tunes (“Detroit Music” by Chain & the Gang, “Red Light” by The Vibrarians, and “Canned Oxygen” by The Halo Benders, to name a few) turned this thing around.  I think I’ll put it on when I get home, make a cup of tea, start the fire, and read a book.  I don’t think the neighbors will mind if I turn it up real loud.  You probably should too.


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