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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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Hey friends!  It’s officially the beginning of Spring touring season, and so many of our bands are heading out on the road that this week, my staff playlist consists of all of them.  The only band missing is The Shivas, who are playing a million shows on their way down to SXSW and back, but since Whiteout! doesn’t come out for two more months, I have to wait to share them with you.

But only for just a little bit longer….

Find all of our K tour dates at www.krecs.com/shows, all the time.  Here’s the scoop on my playlist!

(PS I linked all of the individual songs to their full albums in the shop, in case you want to do a bit of exploring)

1. Karl Blau – “Free The Bird”

Karl!  I love Karl.  You guys have no idea how much Karl has going on at any given moment—his emails read like action-adventure novels.  Right now he’s playing shows with his new project West Coast Chalice, a rad cover band of Northwest lady grunge bands.  Go see them if you can!  I saw him play a rough run-through and it was so amazing.  The new West Coast Chalice album is aaaalmost finished, too, so he might even have it with him!

2. Ruby Fray – “Closed Eye”

Emily Beanblossom, Austin native and ruler of my heart, is playing Ruby Fray shows at SXSW.  I love her 2012 release Pith.  Such a dreamy, disconnected album, with so many dark secrets, but if Emily records well, she KILLS it live.

3. Kendl Winter – “Faded”

Another K lady love, our Kendl Winter is, in my opinion, one of the most talented folk artists of our day.  Kendl’s solo albums are full of soul and light, and to see her play the banjo is like eating a delicious piece of cake (at least for me).  She’s touring with Red Ants Pants (read about her!) down to SXSW in series of country house-shows.  Follow her on twitter for the details! @WinterKendl

4. LAKE – “Don’t Give Up”

Half way through their west coast tour with R. Stevie Moore, I miss our LAKE friends! But with two new albums coming out this year, and Ashley’s solo album Colours set to premiere this summer, I’m trying to get used to it.  They’ll be stacking tours for most of the year!

5. Pine Hill Haints – “Red Light”

With their new, sweet baby in tow, The Pine Hill Haints are traveling with Jamie’s band James the Fang to SXSW right now.  Haints fans, go get em!

6. The Hive Dwellers – “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing”

The Hive Dwellers west coast tour starts in just two weeks.  That means Calvin, dancing in front of you, with his beautiful pink guitar, night after night with Gabe Will and Ben Kapp (!) playing along.  Yes, he’s my boss, its true, and I wish I could tell you what its like to work across the wall from him everyday, but I just can’t.  Though let me say that there are LOTS of cookies involved.

7. The Curious Mystery – “Teem Creeps”

“Teem Creeps” was almost just another song lost to obscurity, but we really, really like it, and pushed for it to be included in The Curious Mystery’s digital archive.  Shana Cleveland wields so much power in this song – its spell-binding.  Her new band, La Luz, is playing a ton of shows this month.  Read their praises and watch them steal the show.

8. Chain & The Gang – “Certain Kinds of Trash” (Oh, Oh)

Ian Svenonius is doing a series of mystical book readings for Supernatural Strategies For Making a Rock’n’Roll Group (Calvin will join him for many dates for a bit of rock love).  Heart. Melt.  God this band rules so hard.

9. Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa – “Mani Malaikat”

Longest band name ever for the most talented person I know.  Arrington truly loves to create – he works and tours endlessly, pushing a series of 24 hour drawing performances, collaborations and multiple personas simultaneously.  Malaikat dan Singa is the most intense rock’n’roll trance session you’ll ever be lucky to witness, and his new album Open The Crown is taking him out on the road for months and months this year.

10. Mount Eerie – “Distorted Cymbals”

Phil is exploding right now (well, to be fair, he’s always exploding) and his mounting success is taking him on an other trek through Europe next month with new material (and our Ashley Eriksson).

11. Nucular Aminals ; “Bob Flannigan”

Nucular Aminals are all over Europe for the next six weeks.  Friends, go find them and give Robert and Erin a GIANT HIGH FIVE FROM US.

x Danielle

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